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Image of people in a river fishing

Celebrating Peace, Unity, and Fishing at the Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival

At the end of February and beginning of March, the Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival—also known as the Argungu Dance Festival—takes place in the Nigerian state of Kebbi.
Image of carrots, radishes, and other vegetables in a basket

Giving Thanks is Universal

While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in November, many cultures around the world express gratitude for nature’s bounty with their own unique thanksgiving and harvest celebrations.
Hands patting the ground around a tree sprout

Planting Trees in India for Van Mahotsav

Here in the US, we celebrate trees annually with Arbor Day. In India, they honor trees for an entire week. During the first week of July, communities across India plant trees in honor of Van Mahotsav, or the Tree Festival. Started in 1950 by the…
A carafe of coffee being poured into a cup

Finding Common Ground in a Turkish Cup of Coffee

The importance of coffee in Turkish culture dates back to the Ottoman Empire, when it became part of the Ottoman court’s lavish ceremonies. The sultan employed coffee makers who prepared the beverage for special occasions with the help of many…
Close-up image of a purse being held by a woman, with flowers in the background

Celebrating Colombia’s Floral Heritage

Every August for eight days, the Colombian city of Medellin blossoms with color to celebrate one of the country’s most important festivals—the “Feria de las Flores” or Flower Festival.
Image of a young girl hugging a servicemember.

How November 11 Became Veterans Day

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11?
A hand scooping out dry green tea

Steeped in Japanese Culture: Green Tea

Green tea is Japan’s most-consumed beverage, served first thing in the morning and with almost every meal. First introduced to Japan in the 8th century, tea was mainly consumed as a medicinal beverage by monks and the upper class.
Image of two hands in a bowl of water with flower petals

The Role of Scented Water in Morocco

Washing your hands with rose water before eating and drinking tea is a common ritual in Morocco.
A plate of steamed dumplings, with a person using chopsticks to pick up one of them.

Using Chopsticks in Japan

Did you know that there are rules for using chopsticks in Japan? Learn tips like why you shouldn't leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice.
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