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DLNSEO Culture Team
January 12, 2017

The rise of mobile internet access is allowing many people to connect who haven't had access to desktop machines or fixed-line broadband in the past. Mobile phones will account for nearly 10% of African GDP by the end of the decade due to explosive growth in the telecoms industry.  There are more mobile phones than adults in most African countries. This is having a significant economic, social and cultural impact on the continent. One of the cultural effects has been a growth in the number of innovators and entrepreneurs leveraging mobile technology in areas like business,...

DLNSEO Culture Team
September 26, 2016

Emojis are universal, right?  These simple symbols would appear to be straight forward enough in their meaning to transcend culture. However...

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, culture has a way of affecting how we see and interpret the things around us, and that includes emojis.  A group of researchers recently found that different people had vastly different interpretations of some popular emojis.  The researchers found that when people receive the "face with tears of joy" emoji — which Oxford Dictionaries declared its word of the year —...

Culture Team
May 4, 2016

Recently, a Swedish Tourism agency created a single phone line that connects international callers to randomly selected Swedish volunteers to chat about whatever is on their minds. The goal of the service is to generate interest in the country and encourage tourism to the frosty nation. Ever wondered about Norse culture? How do the Swede's deal with 18 hour nights, what the northern lights look like, and why they like to forrage for berries? Well... call them up and ask!

The telephone number is 46-771-793-336 and the website is .


Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein, PhD, Alelo
December 10, 2015

It’s easy to assume that cultures correspond to countries, but the reality is much more complex, and the same is true for languages. You probably know, for instance, that Spanish is spoken in dozens of countries around the world, and that it is spoken a bit differently in each. But what you may not realize is that cultural and linguistic differences occur on a much more local level as well.

Think, for example, about English. If you’ve ever spent much time talking to people from different parts of the U.S., you probably know we don’t all speak the same way. In a recent post, I...

Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein, Ph.D. from Alelo
September 30, 2015

About twelve years ago, a friend yelled at me for what he saw as constant interruptions. “You never let me finish talking,” he said.

I was confused. When had I ever interrupted him?

After much discussion, I finally figured it out. What he considered an interruption — saying “right” or “yes” while he was talking — was the only way I knew to listen politely. In my experience, remaining completely silent while someone else was speaking meant you were checked out.

We were both from the same country — he’s from Minnesota and I’m from New York — but the difference between...

Culture Team
May 28, 2015

Recently, Foreign Policy magazine published an article on American studying abroad in China which we wanted to highlight. Some key take aways are that during the 2013-2014 academic year, over 274,000 Chinese students went Stateside to pursue higher education. In the 2012-2013 academic year, the last year for which U.S. statistics are available, over 14,000 American students did the reverse.  Indeed "no group is more poised to alter the trajectory of the U.S.-China relationship, one fraught with friction but also characterized by ever-proliferating contact...

Culture Team
May 22, 2015

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar - USSOCOM has recently been developing Female Engagement Teams (FETs) across the Middle East. When looking at the country of Qatar, they determined the 379th ESFS was a valuable and untapped resource.

USSOCOM has previously conducted an exchange program with the Qatari female officers, utilizing U.S. Marines from the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). This will, however, be the first FET from the 379th ESFS to engage and work with the Host Nation female security forces.

As USSOCOM and Partnered Coalition Forces move away from the GWOT and return to...