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DLNSEO Culture Team
October 23, 2015

Recently, the Association for Talent Development (ATD), a professional membership organization that supports individuals who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world highlighted a list of cultural competencies which the author thought was necessary in the workplace. This TD at Work excerpt identifies 10 competencies essential for people who wish to be effective in international talent development assignments.

They are

1. Knowledge of One’s Own Culture (Cultural Self-Awareness) 2. Knowledge and Appreciation of Other Cultures...
DLNSEO Culture Team
April 14, 2015

The ability to communicate and relate across cultures is an important ability. But a more pertinent question in the culture community is 'how can we measure this ability'? These are some tools that help us to understand our own culture readiness. The tools are used to generate discussion and reflection.

  Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)

The GCI assesses the individual’s capacity for intercultural adjustment in three areas

mental approaches cultural differences developing and maintaining relationships with others ability to manage thoughts, emotions...