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DLNSEO Culture Team
May 9, 2017

Protocol is a means by which people of all cultures can relate to each other. Whether you are an employee or spouse, have few representational responsibilities or are running your post’s protocol office, this booklet produced by the State department is a good starting point to prepare. 

What is Protocol?

Protocol is, in effect, the frame for the picture rather than the content of it. American casualness is sometimes interpreted as rudeness in other societies. What does it say if the representatives of the world’s most powerful nation are indifferent to...

Rambler Army ROTC (Loyola in Chicago) on YouTube
May 28, 2015

Second Lieutenant Elena Speilmann, Class of 2013, shares her experiences from Project Global Officer.

Army ROTC sent 2LT Speilmann to Russia in order to immerse the young officer in the language. Interested to learn more about Project Global Officer? Check it out here.

August 11, 2014

For a long time the outside world accused Yazidis of being "Devil-worshippers".  One of the most persecuted minorities in the Middle East, they face a possible genocide by advancing Islamic extremists.  Right now their culture is under attack as they gather atop Mount Sinjar.  Here are a few facts about this community to help you understand a little bit more about who they are:

They worship a fallen angel, the Malek Tawwus, or Peacock Angel. Unlike Satan, the Yazidis' angel was supposedly forgiven by God and returned to heaven

Even the mention of the...

DLNSEO Culture Team
August 5, 2014

FAOweb is an online portal that provides distance learning and community networking to Foreign Area Officers worldwide. It maintains skill sustainment and educational resources while building a network of professionals across the Armed Services.  FAOweb is built on the distance learning software platform Sakai, an open-source courseware and collaboration management system.  Designed by educators and employed at premier institutions (including MIT, Harvard University and Stanford University), Sakai not only supports teaching and learning, but also fosters community collaboration...