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DLNSEO Culture Team
April 10, 2017

Through a partnership with Penn State and NATO’s Allied Command Transformation - Future Solutions branch, the Extended Hands program leverages technology to foster understanding through dialogue across cultures in vastly different parts of the world. Extended Hand pairs cadets and military personnel from NATO nations with civilians in conflict-torn regions to have cross-cultural exchanges.

The program operates on two core principles:

Military personnel plan and conduct missions with greater efficacy when they have the skills to effectively communicate and build trust...
DLNSEO Culture Team
March 14, 2017

What is the power of virtual reality to provide you with an emmersive cultural experience?  The tourism industry is experimenting with VR to see if it can be used to expand their reach and entice prospective clients.

Expedia’s take on the technology is somewhat unusual. Although it has used it in films promoting travel deals to Australia, in March it started a fund-raising campaign involving virtual reality for the St. Jude children’s hospital.

Expedia “fundamentally believes that when people travel, it affects them and the world around them,” said Vic Walia,...

DLNSEO Culture Team
February 8, 2017

Marines participate in pre-deployment training that includes rapport-building exercises at Camp Lejeune, N.C. For units deploying to Afghanistan to train, advise and assist the Afghan National Army and Police, these exercises give them an opportunity to work with Afghan role players at a simulated forward operating base.

Photo by Sgt. Lucas Hopkins


Marines must first learn how to interact positively with their Afghan counterparts to be successful in their respective missions. “They’re practicing social perspective taking, cross-culture...

Culture Team
November 16, 2016
Veterans Voices: An CULP experience at Vietnam November 10, 2016 admin 0 Comment

(By guest writer, Jacob Kortum)

Usually when people travel to a new or distant land, their priorities are always the same. See the iconic geography, visit the greatest architectural monuments, and take lots and lots of pictures. This in essence gives the impression that only things worth investing any time into when traveling can be found on a gift shop postcard. On rare occasions though, an opportunity can arise which allows an individual to dive into a nations culture and develop a truly...

DLNSEO Culture Team
October 14, 2016

Suicide among active duty military members and veterans has increased in the wake of the two international conflicts, surpassing those of the general population for the first time since Vietnam. Recent research has identified the period of separation from the military as a period of elevated risk, regardless of deployment history. Although the association between deployment and suicide is not clear-cut, studies have shown that the transition to civilian life for Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) veterans who served in combat can be particularly difficult, with...

Culture Team
March 14, 2016

Military professionalism has three main characteristics: responsibility, corporate unity and expertise, writes Col. Emmanuel Kotia, Ph.D, Chief Instructor at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, Ghana. These should be at the core of all military functions. Their importance in peacekeeping dates back to 1948 when the military played a central role in the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in the Middle East, the first modern peacekeeping mission. Today, the U.N. leads 16 peacekeeping operations worldwide. All depend on the efforts of professional...

DLNSEO Culture Team
October 15, 2015

The Cross-Cultural Assessment Tool was developed in 2010 by ARI and 361 Interactive with the support of funding through the Small Business Innovation Research effort. The tool is a standalone battery of questions that is administered on a computer and assesses an individual Soldier’s cross-­‐cultural competence. The questions generate mission-­‐relevant competence ratings, descriptions of individual strengths and weaknesses and how these can impact mission performance, as well as suggestions for improvement. The test is based on research conducted by the same team that created a...