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March 16, 2016

Despite protests by certain organizations against Pakistani cricketers, sports fans from both India and Pakistan have been expressing remarkable solidarity via social media.  Thousands from Karachi to Lahore and Kashmir to Kolkata, have been changing their profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote peace between the nations. An online campaign #ProfileforPeace, started by Nudrrat Khawaja and Samir Gupta, is becoming the theme for this movement.

Pakistan's fans are changing their pictures to support the Indian cricket team and Indian fans are doing the...

DLNSEO Culture Team
October 15, 2015

The Cross-Cultural Assessment Tool was developed in 2010 by ARI and 361 Interactive with the support of funding through the Small Business Innovation Research effort. The tool is a standalone battery of questions that is administered on a computer and assesses an individual Soldier’s cross-­‐cultural competence. The questions generate mission-­‐relevant competence ratings, descriptions of individual strengths and weaknesses and how these can impact mission performance, as well as suggestions for improvement. The test is based on research conducted by the same team that created a...

November 21, 2014

War themed video games are common, and the general consensus is that these types of games actually desensitize youth to the empathy required in real world conflict situations.  However, Alelo is lookinng at ways to use gaming technologies to do the opposite, to prepare military members for other cultures and actually prevent culture shock.

Alelo's VRP MIL (Virtual Role Players for Military Training Environments) provides an immersion experience to provide troops with a culturally and linguistically challenging scenarios.  The games allow...

September 12, 2014
Check out the Google Cultural Institute.

This site, created by Google, helps to preserve and promote culture online. The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum.


With a team of dedicated engineers, Google is building tools that make it simple to tell the stories of our diverse cultural heritage and make them accessible worldwide. This site provides a visually rich and interactive online experience for telling cultural stories in new ways. Discover...