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Culture Matters

Culture Matters is a series of videos, each 10 minutes or less, that help you to understand a little more about how to relate across cultures.  Here are just a few and you can also see the rest by going to the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Culture Center YouTube page here


Key Concepts:

  • To work with another culture, we need to learn that culture.
  • There is no such thing as a culture of one person.
  • We are inter-dependent upon one another.


Key Concepts:

  • Be humble
  • Keep trying
  • Move on

Key Concepts:

  • The more you know about a culture, the more you know about what you need to do to build and maintain rapport
  • Maintaining rapport takes work

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Culture Catches

Culture Catches is a monthly compilation of news and articles related to the intersection of MILES (Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Security) issues and the behavioral and social sciences. It was inspired by the U.S. Army Research Institute’s periodic ‘Library Catches’ compiled by ARI’s librarian Dorothy Young. The purpose of Culture Catches is to help both MILES personnel and supporting R&D communities stay informed about events, trends, and developments of mutual interest.