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Langscape: Mapping the World's Languages

Language Map

Check out this interactive map of the world's languages!

Features on the map allow users to zoom to any spot on the globe to see what languages are natively spoken there. A small display window will appear when clicking on a language that provides users with some basic information about the language and its speakers.Side control panels let users choose which information is displayed, and highlights how languages are related to each other.

Additional features can be displayed by using the "help" feature on the map.

Check out these other tools:

Language Identification for Text

This is a tool that uses a simple mathematical algorithm to try and determine the language of a bit of text. You can type or paste in a sample of text in an unknown language, and the algorithm will attempt to determine which of the 843 languages in the database it most closely matches.

Language Familiarization Game

This game lets you create your own subset from over 3,000 languages that you would like to be able to recognize when you hear, and then helps you familiarize yourself with those languages and tests you on your ability to correctly identify them when you hear them.

Language WIKI

There is a WIKI page for each of the nearly 7,000 languages in the LAŊCAPE database. Each page holds at least basic data about the language and its speakers, but some have much more information, including sketches of the grammar of the language, available resources for those who want to study the language, lists of common words and phrases (some with attached sound files), and more.



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