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CultureReady Basics

The Defense Language and National Security Educational Office is pleased to announce the CultureReady Basics Tutorial, an educational tutorial which can help participants learn the basics of culture general knowledge.

The purpose of this tool will be to provide you with a short introduction to culture and tips and strategies for interacting effectively across cultures. This training is not focused on proving language training rather it is focused on providing you with the knowledge and skills you may need when interacting with individuals with a different cultural background from you.

The training is broken up in to four lessons. 

Lesson 1: What is culture? Acquiring and Applying Culture-General Knowledge

Lesson 2: What’s going on around me? Cultural Learning through Observation

Lesson 3: Who am I? Demonstrating Cultural Self-Awareness

Lesson 4: What makes them who they are? Cultural Perspective Taking

To take the course, click on the link below.