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News and Publications

From cultural faux pas by world leaders to clashes between classical and popular culture, the word “culture” can mean so many different things in the news. This section focuses on various aspects, from proper greetings and etiquette, current US government initiatives, humanitarian and gender issues, all of which helps you to become culture ready. Check out the latest on culture related news here! 

See what Defense Language and National Security Education Office is up to regarding current language, regional, and cultural initiatives!

Curious about the latest research on culture? Find out what the academics and scholars are saying!.  You can also filter by publication type to see what the academic community has to say about culture.

Do you have your own papers or presentations regarding culture? Click here to submit your research and someone from our team will contact you.

We also have a collection of short videos on culture topics. Check it out!

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Are you interested in submitting content to our blog?  We would love to hear from you! Contribute a guest blog post by submitting your content.  All submission are moderated by the DLNSEO Culture Team.  You can also share your research for inclusion in our publications page.  We would be interested in any white papers, articles or position papers you have published on culture.