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Priscilla Owusu: My life as a female music video director

Priscilla Owusu is breaking the mould of what it means to be a music video director.

India’s Tourist and Shopping Hub Jaipur Cracks Down on Child Labor

In India’s tourist city of Jaipur, state authorities and civil society groups have launched a major campaign to end the use of child labor as growing numbers of young boys are trafficked into the city from poorer states. They are put to work to make handcrafted products that have made the city a magnet for shoppers from all over the country. Anjana Pasricha has a report.

Jose Mourinho: 'Eto'o deserved to win a Ballon d'Or'

Former Chelsea and Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho believes Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o should have been crowned the world's best player at least once.

California Police Employs Robocop to Patrol Parks

The city of Huntington Park in the state of California has hired a new police office to patrol local parks. It’s always on duty and monitors the park 24 hours a day to make sure things are in order. Khrystyna Shevchenko met with this supercop and watched him work. Anna Rice narrates her story.

South Korean murders investigated by 1.8m officers may finally be solved

The officers were mobilised over several years in South Korea to investigate the murders.

Deal Between Turkish, Kurdish Forces in Syria Could Fall Apart

A strip of land in northern Syria contains a volatile mix of troops from various nations and militias allied with some of those countries, but viewed as enemies by others. In an attempt to keep this powder-keg from blowing up, the U.S. and Turkey brokered a deal last month to create a "safe zone" between Turkey and Kurdish areas. But Turkey now says the original deal leaves it in danger, and analysts warn there is no long-term strategy to peaceful coexistence. VOA's Heather Murdock has more.

Warren Surging in Democratic Presidential Race

A new poll shows Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren surging into second place in the Democratic presidential race behind former Vice President Joe Biden.  The NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll found Biden leading the Democratic field with 31% support, followed by Warren at 25% and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in third place with 14%. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has the latest on the Democratic primary race from Washington.

African Children Will Make up Half of World's Poor by 2030

More than 150 world leaders are preparing to attend the U.N. Sustainable Development Summit in New York beginning Sept. 25, with the aim of agreeing on a new agenda to tackle global poverty. But a new report warns that African children are being left behind and will make up more than half of the world's poor by 2030. As Henry Ridgwell reports from London, the report authors are critical of both African governments and the international community for failing to adequately tackle the problem.

American Dream: Ukrainian Immigrants Bring Taste of Europe to Washington

The American Dream is many things to many people. For the Savchuk family who came to the U.S. from Ukraine more than 15 years ago, achieving their dream meant opening a small business and making a decent living. VOA's Iryna Matviichuk met with the family and saw their dream come true.

Afghanistan war: Deadly Taliban attack 'destroys' hospital

At least 10 people have been killed after a truck exploded near a hospital in southern Afghanistan.