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World Factbook Travel Facts

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The CIA's World Factbook Travel Facts offer fact sheets with information on over 150 countries. Each sheet includes:

  • the current U.S. State Department Travel Advisory
  • passport and visa requirements
  • the location of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate
  • what vaccinations, if any, are needed
  • the country's climate
  • the currency used
  • electricity, voltage, and plug types
  • major languages spoken
  • religions practiced
  • time difference
  • potable water, or if visitors should opt for bottled water
  • whether visitors can drive in that country, and which side of the road to drive on
  • notes on cultural practices
  • the country telephone code
  • local emergency phone numbers

Each sheet also includes links to the World Health Organization, U.S. State Department travel information, and instructions on obtaining an international driving permit.