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Cross-Cultural Communication

Universities find virtual ways to offer study abroad

From video cooking classes to guest lecturers, universities are looking at new ways to bring cultural exchanges to students.

Communication and Trust

A culture expert discusses communication and trust.

Resolving Conflict

A culture expert discusses the difficulty of intercultural negotiations.

Communication and Language Skills

A culture expert discusses how language skills can help achieve results.

Building Relationships

Two culture experts discuss the importance of developing bonds with your team to achieve mission success.

Working With Your Interpreter

A culture expert discusses utilizing your interpreter as a reliable information source.

Building Rapport

A culture expert discusses focusing on rapport in order to overcome obstacles.

Building Rapport

A culture expert discusses strategies for dealing with the stresses of intercultural encounters.

Connecticut National Guard and Uruguay State Partners Share COVID-19 Best Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic may have halted travel, but the importance of maintaining international partnerships remains.

Soldiers of Haitian descent stand ready to provide Creole translation when needed

National Guard soldiers are ready and willing to provide translation assistance as needed.