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What makes a successful interpreter?

What does it take to become a successful interpreter? Find out what is expected of those in the profession.

Camp Zama medical translator pays it forward, assists English-speaking patients in Japan

Read about Yuko Sano, a medical translator at Camp Zama in Japan.

Communication and Language Skills

A culture expert discusses how language skills can help achieve results.

Soldiers of Haitian descent stand ready to provide Creole translation when needed

National Guard soldiers are ready and willing to provide translation assistance as needed.

U.S. language education lags, though its importance continues to grow

Despite the growing importance of language and cross-cultural competence skills in today's global economy, the U.S. still lags in language education.

Learning Korean

A South Korean national discusses the value of speaking Korean during interactions.

Greetings in Korea

In this video, a service member describes the appropriate ways to conduct greetings in South Korea.

Learning Korean

In this video, a service member discusses speaking Korean in South Korea.

The European Day of Languages

September 26th is celebrated as every year as the European Day of Languages. Learn more on today's CultureReady blog.

Join the National Language Service Corps (NLSC)!

Why should you join the National Language Service Corps? Read today's blog to find out!