Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

Here at the Culture Section, we've always been interested in the linkages between cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence. Does having a high EQ mean that you are more likely to be culturally competent? If so, what are the differences and similarities between the two? 

Time Magazine recently highlighted seven ways that emotional intelligence helps people get ahead and in a lot of ways it also mirrors aspects of how being a culutrally competent helps you get ahead. The articles cites that EQ:

  • Helps improve our understanding of others’ emotions, not just our own
  • Helps to build trust, or reduce it. Emotionally intelligent people are more aware of how their actions (including their posture and facial expressions) read to others
  • Helps regulate and manage their own behaviors than others
  • Helps them to be more flexible, as they tend to effectively regulate their feelings and reactions more reliably
  • and more.

To read the article, click here.