Climate of the Bahamas

Video Transcript

After you get off the plane the first thing you would take notice [of] is the [sky] is very blue and bright. It's different from anywhere else, where I've been anyway. So, it's hardly every cloudy, and if it rains, it rains with the sun out.

Most of the time with the weather, the only thing to worry about [are] hurricanes [during] hurricane season. And I think that's from June to November. And besides that it's good. It'll be cold, but it's sunny. It's just the regular transitions. The major hurricanes come once about every three years, they come. So they don't come every year.  If you get a hard hurricane more than likely you won't have to worry about it for like four or five years.

In this video, a Navy petty officer 3rd class talks about the Bahamian climate.