Collectivism in India

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

India does have a collectivist mentality and it can come as a shock to someone who is born in a very individualistic upbringing or mentality. The idea is that, being collectivist, you might be perceived as over depending on other people, or not doing work by yourself. Even not knowing the answer and therefore being not valuable for not knowing the answer. That's a very difficult thing for someone raised in the U.S. We have this sort of intrinsic drive to do things ourselves, to complete things ourselves, to have this personal achievement. In India, it is about lifting up your family, and lifting up your community. If you go far in life, part of your responsibility is to bring your family with you, or your friends with you. This makes a lot of sense in how the culture operates in terms of jobs, and in relationships. It is part of the heartbeat of India, to think and operate in terms of you with other people.

An Indian national discusses the collectivist mindset of South Asian society.