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Sheikh Jarrah: Palestinians await Jerusalem evictions ruling

The threatened takeover of homes by Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah has stoked Palestinian anger.

5 Killed in Lebanon Funeral Ambush

Several other people were wounded in an exchange of fire in the Khalde area south of Beirut between members of the Shiite Hezbollah group and local Sunni residents

Britain to Offer COVID-19 Booster Shots This Fall

The nation is also offering incentives to persuade younger adults to get vaccinated

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VOA Newscasts

US Officials Debate Mask, Vaccine Mandates as Delta Variant Surges

Some push back on anti-coronavirus measures arguing the rules infringe on individuals’ rights to make health decisions

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Iran water: What's causing the shortages?

Iranian officials have warned of historic drought while experts blame years of poor water management.

Nigerian student shocked to see friend's body in anatomy class

Nigerian students often dissect "unclaimed" bodies from mortuaries but some are victims of police violence.

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