CultureReady Basics is a web-based culture training tool developed to provide culture learning of the culture competencies reflected in the DoD policy as well as present tips and strategies for interacting effectively across cultures.  The interactive tool uses global scenarios, based on the actual experiences of people who worked, studied, or deployed to other countries.

CultureReady Basics is available in a number of languages, making use of country specific examples to help explain and provide real world applications for the cultural competencies. The language modules features a robust language assist function for learners working to strengthen proficiency levels.

CultureReady Basics establishes a challenging language and culture learning experience.  This training is the perfect balance of culture and language training providing you with the knowledge and skills you may need when interacting with others who speak different languages and have different cultural background than you.

The training is broken up in to four lessons.

  • Lesson 1:  Cultural Learning: “What is culture and how can I learn about it?” 
  • Lesson 2:  Diplomatic Mindset:  “How can I achieve my cultural goals?”
  • Lesson 3:  Cultural Reasoning:  “How can I make sense of the people and situations I encounter?”
  • Lesson 4:  Intercultural Interactions:  “How do I interact effectively across cultures?”

This course is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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