The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security - Dec 2014

Global Solutions: Culture and Language Mindsets

Table of Contents

  • How important IS language? Culture? Regional Expertise?, Gail McGinn
  • Strategic Choice: Language decision making in a dynamic Asia-Pacific, Collin S. Roach
  • Russian Speakers – Pretext for Empire Restoration, Richard J. Anderson
  • Mubarak 2.0 – Egypt’s Convenient Democracy, Darby J. Arakelian
  • Making the Case for a Renewed Focus on Culture Shock for the U.S. Military, Kristin Post
  • Reflections on Current Research: Science and Scientists in Military Organizations, Kerry Fosher
  • Cultivating Empathy and Internal Awareness in International Security Actors, Hila Mehr
  • Patterns in Our Problems: U.S. Response to Health Crises, Kerry Fosher
  • Training for the Perfect Storm, Robert Greene Sands