Measuring and Reporting Leadership and Core Competency Domains

This interim report summarizes the results of an independent assessment of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel systems and databases, focused on the identification and differentiation of what personnel data exist, where, and at what organizational level, as well as what is done with those data.

Regional Expertise and Cultural Proficiency

This report describes the development of an operational tool for planners that enables them to identify REC capability requirements during the planning process.

The Infusion of Language, Regional, and Cultural Content into Military Education

This report documents the Institute of Defense Analyses' examination of the infusion of language, regional, and cultural (LRC) content into Professional Military Education (PME) across the Services, from pre-commissioning through the General Officer/Flag Officer (GO/FO) level.

Unique Moroccan Traditions to Improve your Cultural Fluency

Natalie Halpern
Sharing food is a Moroccan custom. In fact, in Morocco, it’s considered impolite to eat alone in front of someone else.

Explore Taiwanese Culture Through Local Festivals

Colleen Brown
The annual Dragon Boat Festival takes place on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (This is usually late May or June on the Gregorian calendar.)

The Art Islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea

Natalie Halpern

Japan’s Seto Inland Sea is home to an archipelago of 3,000 small islands. Twelve of them are collectively known as the “art islands” because of the eye-catching sculptures, outdoor art installations, and modern art museums that are woven throughout their forests and rural villages.

Bread: A Cornerstone of the German Diet and Culture

Colleen Brown
Germany may be well-known for its many types of sausages, but bread is also an important part of the country’s cuisine and culture.

A Mini-Guide to Cachaça: Brazil’s Favorite Spirit

Natalie Halpern
Best known as the main ingredient in Brazil’s national cocktail—the caipirinha—cachaça is to Brazil what tequila is to Mexico.

The Flavors of Ethiopian Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine

Colleen Brown
Ethiopian cuisine is known for its distinct and well-seasoned flavor. Some may assume meal options are limited to meat-based dishes, but locals incorporate the diverse plant life of Ethiopia in a variety of vegan and vegetarian foods.

10 Things You May Not Know About Senegal

Natalie Halpern
With a population of around 16 million, Senegal is the westernmost country on the African continent.