Measuring and Reporting Leadership and Core Competency Domains

This interim report summarizes the results of an independent assessment of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel systems and databases, focused on the identification and differentiation of what personnel data exist, where, and at what organizational level, as well as what is done with those data.

Regional Expertise and Cultural Proficiency

This report describes the development of an operational tool for planners that enables them to identify REC capability requirements during the planning process.

The Infusion of Language, Regional, and Cultural Content into Military Education

This report documents the Institute of Defense Analyses' examination of the infusion of language, regional, and cultural (LRC) content into Professional Military Education (PME) across the Services, from pre-commissioning through the General Officer/Flag Officer (GO/FO) level.

Syria's Tarab Music Capital

Natalie Halpern

Tarab is a thousand-year-old genre of traditional Arab music that has emotional and poetic lyrics.

Senegal: The Land of Teraanga

Colleen Brown
If you travel to Senegal, you will find yourself in the “Land of Teraanga.” Teraanga—a Wolof word that loosely translates to hospitality—is a way of life amongst the Senegalese.

The Many Flavors of Kimchi

Natalie Halpern
Kimchi isn’t just a staple of Korean cuisine, it’s a way of life—which explains why Koreans consume more than 2 billion tons of this delicacy each year.

The History of Pizza

Colleen Brown
Pizza is a modern-day favorite—but did you know it existed in ancient Greece? A recent study linked the word “pizza” to “pita,” a food prevalent around the Mediterranean. From the eighth to fifth century BCE, the Greeks colonized southern Italy, bringing along their “plakous,” a round cheese pie with a crust that doubled as a handle.

Turmeric: India's Golden and Sacred Spice

Natalie Halpern
From lattes and fragrant curries to Hindu rituals and healing therapies, turmeric is an important spice in Indian culture. So, it comes as no surprise that the country produces more than 100,000 tons of turmeric each year.

Beltane Fire Festival

Colleen Brown
One of four Celtic festivals that mark the changing seasons, Beltane is celebrated on May 1st in Scotland, Ireland, and parts of England to commemorate the start of summer. Its name comes from a Gaelic word meaning “bright fire.”

The Diverse Regions and Cultures of Brazil

Natalie Halpern
With more than 213 million people, Brazil isn’t just the sixth most populous country in the world. It’s also one of the most diverse. And nowhere are the country’s many multi-ethnic traditions, music, and beliefs more vivid than in each of its five regions.